Little Boat (2005)

Little Boat




performed by Daniel Rogers; bass by John Mark Painter; drums by Lindsay Jamieson

written, produced, recorded by Daniel Rogers at The Vinecatcher; co-recorded and mixed by John Mark Painter at his studio in Nashville




Lying in your boat, you started floating away

 On dancing through the rapids, your body tossed and swayed

Out to the open sea you sailed, your tiny silhouette unveiled

You and your little boat, you met the world today

Past foreign cities and carnival lights, and shipyard docks and the Isle of Wight

You and your little boat, you saw the world today

Watching the sea and contemplating

Waiting for a revelation, and waiting, and waiting, and then

Waking one quiet day your boat had drifted ashore

At the base of a hill you’d never seen before

You climbed the slope, it stretched on upward

But your feet sunk into the ground and they slipped hard

And you fell, and you fell

The clouds blow, the ships sail, do you stay the same?

The waves splash, the birds wail, do you feel the same?

The shore moves, the lights change, is it all the same?

The planes fly, the sky rains, does life look the same?

Does life look the same?

Does life look the same?

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