This Side of the Green Arrow (2005)

All Is Even



performed by Daniel Rogers; additional vocals by Danan Healy; guitar by John Morgan; bass by Jon Beard; drums by Keith Hanlon

written, produced, recorded, mixed by Daniel Rogers at The Vinecatcher; drums recorded by Joe Viers at John Schwab Recording, Columbus; piano recorded by Michael Jack at Phase One, Toronto

mastered Jeff Lipton at Peerless Mastering, Boston



They say she was a brilliant girl, they say he was a clever boy

‘Til bullets blew up through the floor, until the flames burned up the door

They were destroyed, the girl and boy, and no one saw them anymore

Out of old-rimmed sunglasses, through their tear-soaked eyelashes

They see the scars upon their arms, remembering the fire alarms

And bandages they kept in stashes to cover gashes left by the bombs

Somewhere else, aloof and svelte, a lady drinks her tea and lays the sugar cubes out evenly

Someplace far, while men shoot par, a sweaty sort makes deals to make a war and break the seal

Without an honest reason, keeps it all uneven, thinks it’s the killing season

In the streets the families fleeing are watched on newscasts in the evening

By the civilized elite, we utter sympathetic creeds

And it’s the safe imbalance there that keeps it square in thought and deed

For all is even, all is fair, for those who dance, not those who bleed

All is even, all is fair, all is even, all indeed

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