This Side of the Green Arrow (2005)




performed by Daniel Rogers; backing vocals by Noelle Shearer and Danan Healy; guitar by John Morgan; bass by Jon Beard; drums by Keith Hanlon; flute by Susan Rogers; tambourine by Ed Davis; additional voices by Richard Rogers, Steven Gerald, Michelle Belcher, Sanjeev Sant

written, produced, recorded, mixed by Daniel Rogers at The Vinecatcher; drums recorded by Joe Viers at John Schwab Recording, Columbus; piano recorded by Michael Jack at Phase One, Toronto

mastered by Jeff Lipton at Peerless Mastering, Boston

sound effects recorded by Daniel Rogers; Steven Gerald's voice recorded by himself



Two traveled off into thick of wood, tools in hand, the drought made us weak

You, thirty years, and I, still young, sat along the old dusty creek

Oh sweet sound of water rushing


Oh sweet sound of water flowing


Oh sweet sound of life

Come on home, come on home, the water’s good and we’re doing fine

They gave us life, they gave us our lives to live

Oh sweet sound of water rushing, oh sweet sound of water flowing, oh sweet sound of life

Two traveled off but they’d not return, not again be seen, their tools floated home

Floated home

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