This Side of the Green Arrow (2005)




performed by Daniel Rogers; hand percussion by Ed Davis

written, produced, recorded, mixed by Daniel Rogers at The Vinecatcher; co-recorded by Lisa Gerald Rogers

mastered by Jeff Lipton at Peerless Mastering, Boston



Radio Commercial: So if you're bored with your life, tired of responsibilities, or just stressed out, then come and stay with us. You can swim in streams of sparkling herbal waters, take a ride on the carousel, have a gourmet meal in a brick-lined street cafe, listen to your favorite music, program your own dreams, or just lay back and watch the green sugar trees blow in the ocean breeze. Whatever you desire most, you can have it here. An experience of a lifetime is one hundred percent guaranteed. We call it the greatest place on Earth. Once you come for a visit, we think you'll agree.

Newscaster: As we've been reporting, about forty-five minutes ago in a suburban district approximately seven miles outside of the downtown area, several explosions rocked the vicinity and incited panic among thousands, who then left their homes and flooded the streets to escape. It's still unknown who is responsible for the explosions, or what devices and weapons were used, but the blasts apparently went off almost simultaneously within a radius of eight blocks. The first bomb to go off was heard at around 3:17 p.m., the second at about 3:19 p.m., and a third has been reported and sources say that went off only minutes after the second bomb. At this point it appears that there are at least one hundred dead, though the body count continues to climb quickly as more bodies are discovered underneath that rubble. And there are so far about three hundred and fifty injured. The first bomb apparently exploded in a neighborhood grocery, killing the owner and a number of shoppers and passersby. The second bomb went off at a gas station, immediately killing employees and customers, which was followed by secondary explosions that occurred due to gasoline ignition, killing numerous bystanders and setting nearby houses ablaze. It’s been reported that the third bomb exploded in a five story office building, burning the interior and collapsing the structure, taking the lives of most of the workers that were in the building at the time, though we don’t have information at this point about the business or businesses in that office building.  We do have Alexia Hart live on the scene, and tell me Alexia, what’s it like there? Describe what’s going on...

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