This Side of the Green Arrow (2005)

On The Mend



performed by Daniel Rogers, backing vocals by Noelle Shearer, bass by Jon Beard, hand percussion by Ed Davis

written, produced, recorded, mixed by Daniel Rogers at The Vinecatcher; piano recorded by Michael Jack at Phase One, Toronto

mastered by Jeff Lipton at Peerless Mastering, Boston

sound effects recorded by Daniel Rogers 



A single slice of toast or some yogurt please to put my ailing stomach at ease

When I wake up in the night and I suffocate, is it fate or my own will?

Is my cup full, so to drink up life? Or is it dry, but mine to fill?

Dazed by the countless views, how far could my boundaries bend?

I saw something there when I thought that I’d found the end

Well, I see something here, it’s good to know that I’m on the mend

I was once running late for a night’s soiree, there was no good reason to be delayed

I stopped my car at a traffic light, my left turn signal was blinking bright

But, alas, oh no, it never ever did come, no green arrow would send me on

So which part of the intersection would I decide

Is the good side, the bad side, the right side, the wrong side?

Is there more than one side?

Or is there only this side?

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